What Should This Game Look Like?

While I began kicking around the concepts for the rules and I started to put together a Leviathans Crew to start crafting the universe beyond the initial pitch, I immediately began thinking of what the universe would look like. More importantly I began thinking about who I’d want to be the primary artist to take this new universe and breath it into visual existence.

I’m blessed to have great relationships with a host of fantastic artists, but for this particular project there was one artist right at the top of my list: Doug Chaffee. Doug’s worked in our industry for 20 years. However, he goes far beyond our industry, having done a load of conceptual art work and paintings for NASA, as well as a new Marine One painting in 2005 that’s now hanging in the White House. Not to mention a rich history of naval ship work.

Obviously my original contact with Doug came through BattleTech. His first illustrations appeared on covers in 1994 and his gritty, realistic style immediately made him one of my favorite artists as a fan. As I began work on the line our personal relationship developed and I came to respect him for his attention to detail and for how much he’d let me push him to get my vision onto paper. We’ve since done a huge amount of work together over the years, most of it aerospace oriented as I love his naval stylings.

With all of that in mind he was the perfect choice to help me tackle Leviathans. The very first illustration he generated based upon our initial discussions let me know my decision was correctly and it only got better.

French Battleship_Sketch 1.jpg

Now obviously this is a first sketch and we went through numerous iterations, with Doug always willing to listen to our endless ramblings and then attempting to create our vision while ensuring he remained true to his own vision and aesthetic senses.

Anyways, I’ll leave it to another blog to discuss the changes that occurred, why they occurred and to show some additional sketches that showcase the transformation of the French signature battleship from this initial concept to its final form.

See ya next duty shift!


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