I Make Stuff Up

An author buddy of mine came over a few years back wearing a t-shirt with that saying on it (though a little more colorful). I laughed and laughed and to this day I still chuckle when ever I think about it. Because as Homer would say, “It’s funny ’cause it’s true.”

I can say without a doubt that the single most enjoyable aspect of what I do year in and year out is when I get to craft new story lines, new concepts, or in this great case, an entire new universe. Working with enthusiastic and creative people in huge brainstorm sessions where we build off of each other and constantly weave a bigger and better concept towards something that will excite not only us but potential fans as well…there’s almost nothing I enjoy more.

The Leviathans Crew that in one form or another (from writing tomes of material to solid input from the sidelines) have been involved in the crafting of the world, either from a fictional stand point or a visual stand point, is: John Haward, Jim Rapkins, Blaine Pardoe, Steve Mohan, Zac Belado, Bjorn Schmidt, Ray Arrastia, Dave Stansel, Chris Ruggiero, Loren Coleman, Matt Heerdt and Doug Chaffee.

It’s an honor to helm such a crew in bringing this universe into existence, and even better that I’m able to do it with good friends.

One of the fruits of that labor I’ve just updated to the timeline page. Remember that this is a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at the development of the universe; as it states directly on that page, it’s a ‘living timeline’ and will be tweaked and massaged as we develop the universe further. But I thought you’d enjoy seeing the current state of the timeline, as well as watching it develop as we move towards the launch of the game towards the end of the year.

See ya next duty shift!


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