Evolution of the French Leviathans Part 2

As we raced towards leaving for the GAMA Trade Show back in March (or April, it all blurs sometimes), we wanted to generate much cleaner b&w illustrations we could show off.

Doug, as always, was very willing to generate a series of cleaned up illustrations that would allow us to showcase the the unique look and feel of the Leviathans’ ships we were developing. Because of the aesthetic we’re looking at for the Leviathans Primer sourcebook that’ll be included in the initial box set, he did up a series of these in sepia tones. I love how that color really sets a great tone for the aesthetics of the universe.


Now it was time to really finalize all the little details on the ship and to generate a complete orthographic/schemeatic. This illustration would not only allow us to know all the final details of the ship from every angle, but more importantly it’s what we’ll send to the manufacturer so what they return to us in a miniature is exactly what we’re asking for; really no ambiguity in a schematic of this detail. Now this would be important in any miniatures game. But at the scale of our miniatures (1:1200, so that puts Destroyers at roughly 2.5″ in length and the king Battleships at roughly 5″ in length) means a lot of scrutiny for just these type of details



The top-down schematic is also what we’ll use on the Ship Cards (game components) that correspond to every miniature.

This left us in a position to have Doug start the full-color, three-quarter view illustration of the ship “under power”…but I’ll post that final illustration at a latter date.

See ya next duty shift!


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