Evolution of the French Leviathans Part 3

So after multiple iterations in B&W to really make sure we zeroed in appropriately on the look for the French, Doug moved to a full-color illustration.

In the game each miniature has a corresponding Ship Card (a record sheet, in effect). My original plan was to place the full-color illustration in the middle of the Ship Card, with text (i.e. history of that ship) on the back. For various reasons that’s been changed, not the least of which was the shear glorious nature of these full-color illustrations Doug began turning in; didn’t want to have to cram these illustrations down into a small spot.

French Class 4 Battleship_ForBlog.jpg

Instead, each miniature, in addition to a Ship Card (game stats), also now has a Recognition Card (flavor) that includes a color illustration along the lines of the one above (as big as the card size allows) and then has the history and details on the back.

If you compare this illustration even with the pre-final B&W illustration you’ll notice some subtle changes, especially in the small side guns department. Even up to the last minute we’re tweaking these to try and make them the best they can be; Doug has been amazing in his willingness to always go to the matt with us and we push boundaries and deadlines.

Now that we’ve this color illustration up, as well as some B&W illustrations-including a cool Destroyer British orthographic that’ll let you take a look at that faction’s visual development (I’ll provide more details down the line)-we’ve added a Wallpaper section (see the navbar). It’s only three, but it’s a nice start…we’ll obviously add more as the weeks go bye.

See ya next duty shift!


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