Leviathans Primer Development

As part of the box set for Leviathans we’re including the Leviathans Primer; i.e. the universe book. It’s been an interesting exercise in trying to determine what info should and shouldn’t be covered when we only have so many pages.

For example, in addition to the traditional “history/technology” section, where we discuss what makes a Leviathans ‘go’, we also touch on the eight primary empires of the world. Obviously there’s a “Minor Powers” section as well, but for our purposes there are eight empires that get more than a paragraph of coverage in the book.

Since this is a military game, ranks are important. So we’re pouring over history books to discover the appropriate ranks to use (difficult in some cases, as the Russians changed there’s a lot during the decades leading up to our time period) and then tweaking them to reflect the move to air ships and so on.

But I’m about 90% done with developing the book and it’s likely to head to edit this week and suddenly I realize that even outside of those tweaks to naval ranks for the move to air ranks, if someone doesn’t have a lot of grounding in naval military, then most of the ranks won’t have any appropriate context when they’re used for notable crews, in the story fiction and so on. So that meant quickly getting short descriptions for what each of the British ranks represent insofar as responsibilities; it’s a British text, so it’s most appropriate that they’d more fully covering their own ranks. The players, then, can extrapolate appropriately for the other seven empires, but it provides that important context I’m looking for..

Another interesting last minute addition has been the ‘movers and shakers’ sidebars. There’s notable captains and ships for each faction, of course, but I realized that while much of the fiction will focus at that level, if you want the scope of larger geopolitical fiction to have solid relevance to a reader, you need to provide some write-ups for at least one “mover and shaker” in each faction. Getting that generated and folded in literally as I speak; Word document open. And in fact, just finished up an IM with the editor to solidify when I’ll turn it over to her and when it’ll be back to me…LOVE progress!

See ya next duty shift!


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