Evolution of the British Leviathan Part 2

So with my comments to “make it more faction unique”, Doug returned to his secret workshop and generated another series of sketches.


So iteration 3 moved forward significantly towards a final look. The electroid tanks were moved to a saddle-like system that really gave the British their own look and feel. Additionally the fins in the back really helped to separate this ship from the previous iterations, which still looked a little too wet-navy.

However, the trim tanks along the side became too streamlined and looked almost a little too modern, while the smoke stacks were pretty anemic. Additionally, we still were not very happy with the look of the ducted funs in the stern.


Doug generated iteration 4, once again taking my comments into consideration, and the look almost completely snapped into place. While there was still some niggles here and there that I wanted him to address as we moved to a final full-color illustration, iteration 4 pretty much was the ‘style’ that would stamp all future British ships.

See ya duty shift.


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