Where Credit Is Due

Just wanted to drop a quick note to ensure that appropriate credit is spread around. I’ve seen a lot of great comments about the quality of the fiction. Thank you for those sentiments…we’re trying very hard to craft a cool world that you’ll want to visit for a long time to come.

However, the important word there is “we.” The story fiction has been easier as Steve’s name has been directly attached to each installment. However, I want to let you know whose been writing the sourcebook fiction you’ve seen to date. For the Race To Pole fiction, that’s been Jim Rapkins. For the other sourcebook fiction pieces that’s all been Blaine Pardoe. Both have been bringing some great material to the table and there’s more to come.

So while I’m sure I’ll get to try my hand at some Leviathans fiction down the line, the lion’s share of my time has been writing and developing the rules, art direction and figuring out how to produce these magnificent miniatures.

So by all means, keep the praise coming if you have it…I just want to make sure it’s directed appropriately.

See ya next duty shift!


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