Demoing Leviathans At NeonCon

So November 2-4 I was in all day meetings for a BattleTech summit; an event that occurs every 3 to 5 years (or so) where the authors and developers track out the next several years of story line, products and so on. The universe is massive enough you need this type of face-to-face, all day meetings every few years to reconnect all your dots, make sure everyones on the page, know where we’re going and so on.

Then the very next day I was off to NeonCon in Las Vegas and am just now back home, answering emails and getting things caught back up. What that all means is that this may have been one of the longest stretches of ‘quit’ from me here since we launched the site…for that I apologize.

NeonCon was great. While small, it was excellently organized and enthusiastically attended. And I ran far more Leviathan demos than I expected…which was great!

I’d like to particularly thank the guys out of San Diego (Hal, Tom, George and the rest), who took time out of playing their Warmachine tournament to give Leviathans a thorough try. They played in 5 different demos, including one where I moved Hal and Tom beyond the quick-start rules and introduced almost all of the Commander’s Manual rules (battleships and their expanded arcs, torpedoes, screening, repair and so on). I then sat back and let them go at it, only answering questions when they needed a clarification. Was a wonderful test to see how quickly and easily players can scale up in play from the QSR of the Lieutenant’s Manual to the full Commander’s Manual rules.

Again, thanks to everyone that stopped by and for the praise you heaped on the game…it’s much appreciated…now back to finishing up the Captain’s Manual this week so it can head to edit and then layout.

See ya next duty shift!


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