Looking For Good Crewmen: Can you CAD?

First, I realized as I began this blog that the gallery was falling behind my posts of various artwork…with that in mind I’ve gone through an updated the gallery to include all art posted to date to the site. Sorry for the delays there.

Second, thought I’d share the orthographics (i.e. schematics/blueprints) for the British Type 4 Battleship HML Leviathan and the French Type 4 Battleship Jean Bart.



These orthographics actually serve several purposes. First and foremost these are what we hand to the CAD artists to generate their digital files off of which we’ll produce molds and final miniatures. Second, the top-down view is used directly on the Ship Card to add a great visual appeal to the card and make it easier to track which Ship Card belongs to which miniature. Finally, you never know when the rest of the side and front/back views will work perfectly tossed here and there for added visual appeal.

Obviously we are hard at work on the miniatures aspect, turning all this fantastic imagery into CAD files (while we’re still playtesting, at this point all the major rules work is done and we’re simply fine tuning things). However, the scope of Catalyst Game Labs releases for all its game lines means we are constantly on the look out for new talent. In particular we’re looking for artists that can take these orthographics and turn them into CAD files we can hand to the manufacturer.

If you have the interest and think you’ve got the resume, email that to randall@catalystgamelabs.com. Please include the specifics of what software you’re able to work in (i.e. Freeform, Lightwave, Rhino and so on), what work you’ve done and so on.

See ya next duty shift


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