Additional Leviathans Illustrations

With the release of the Lieutenant’s Manual PDF I can start releasing those ship illustrations found in that introductory rules booklet. You can find these illustrations in the gallery as well (remembered to update it simultaneously this time).

British D-class Type 1 Destroyer_Preview.jpg

British D-class Type 1 Destroyer

French Grenoille-class Type 1 Destroyer_Preview.jpg

French Grenouille-class Type 1 Destroyer

For additional information on the Leviathans Core Box Set scheduled for release next Spring, feel free to check out the sell sheet located at; though retailer oriented, fans may find interesting information there as well. For those interested, you can also see the rest of the books and games projected for release by Catalyst Game Labs in the first quarter of next year on that same page.

For those celebrating, have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

See ya next duty shift!


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