Disaster! Germans To Blame?

The Times 28 March 1910 – The much-publicized Race to the Pole has ended in disaster, with all three remaining vessels apparently having crashed to earth as they neared the Pole. Unfortunately, only the German crew managed to survive, with the Americans and British crews designated Lost at Sea and Presumed Dead. The wreckage of both leviathans has been sighted, but there has been no trace of the crews.

The fact that the German crew survived has led those in some quarters to accuse the Germans of causing the crash, and the fact that the German Kaiserliche Marine had vessels nearby and assisted with the “rescue” has deepened suspicions. According the German captain, Doktor Ernst Schmidt, the electroid tanks onboard the Flugboot began behaving erratically as they neared the Pole, forcing him to issue the order to abandon ship.

This explanation has been met with skepticism by the officers of the Royal Sky Fleet assigned to investigate the incident. According to those officials, the Germans secured and recovered the Flugboot before any investigation could be made regarding the electroid tanks. In fact, one officer has gone so far as to state that the Germans caused the electroid activity with a “new secret weapon,” though he can offer no evidence to back his claim.

At any rate, the Race has proven a costly endeavor for all involved. We offer our heartfelt condolences to the families of the men lost, and will strive to make sure that the truth of this horrific incident becomes fully known.

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