Primer For New Airmen Excerpt PDF Available

Leviathans Primer Excerpt Cover.jpg

Leviathans’ Primer for New Airmen Excerpt offers up a sneak peak of 21 of the 96 pages that will be in the full Primer — just one of the pieces that will be inside the Leviathans Core Box Set: Buy from Catalyst’s BattleShopBuy from DriveThruRPG

Two previous Leviathans‘ PDF releases have also been updated — if you’ve already bought them, the updates are free, and if not, now is a fine time to take a first look at the Leviathan’s Lieutenants Manual, the 32-page Quick-Start Rules for Leviathans (Buy from Catalyst’s BattleShopBuy from DriveThruRPG) and James’ Fighting Leviathans: Excerpt From 1910 — 4 additional ships for use with those introductory rules (Buy from Catalyst’s BattleShopBuy from DriveThruRPG)

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