Electroid Aloft-Leviathans’ MITS.com Forums Launch!

The long awaited monstersinthesky.com forums are active: the link to the forums is right next to the “home” link in the header bar.

As with every aspect of this project, I’ve grand plans for what I’d like to see with these forums. Unfortunately, it simply was proving too much to tackle at this time. And the community that has been following my blogs and the progress of Leviathans for long months has been asking for forums….a lot of asking (which is a great thing).

So we’ve scaled back for an initial launch; at this point I feel forums are more important than that grand vision. As usual, however, we’ll be working in the background on a 2.0 keel overhaul for down the line. To help with that upgrade, I’ve created a dedicated thread in the General Discussion section, where anyone can post their ideas for ways to improve the forum.

At the current time there are no hard and fast rules about what is and what is not appropriate on the forum. However, these forums are moderated by our Sky Captains (sorry…but I’ve seen far too many un-moderated forums descend into anarchy that drives even the most ardent fans away). As such, please use common sense and be courteous. If we must institute some specific rules due to forum member complaints, then we’ll move in that direction.

But for now…please, come, type, discuss…and enjoy. Thanks for your patience on this!

See ya next duty shift!


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