Released PDFs Updated

This is just a quick notice that we’ve updated two PDFs: Lieutenant’s Manual and James Fighting Leviathans: Excerpt From 1910. [If you previously purchased either PDF, you should be notified of an update by email where you can download them again for free.]

I know we just updated these a few weeks ago, so wanted to let you know the exact corrections this time around and why I felt it worthwhile to update again.

For the Lieutenant’s Manual, somehow the sample Ship Card on page 7 reverted to an older, incorrect version of the file when we generated the update. Neither Matt or I have any idea how it happened…but it’s fixed.

Since we originally published the James’ Fighting Leviathans PDF, as noted in my blog, I’ve fleshed out the various Gun Batteries to a nice, anal-retentive level of spread-sheet awesomeness. In doing so I noted some tweaks that needed to be made to some Gun Batteries…and while we made one of those tweaks in the previous update (namely the change of the Beagle‘s Port/Starboard 4 IN Gun Batteries from “6/8 Hex” to “5/10 Hex”, I completely missed that the Beagle mounts two such Gun Batteries in each side Location. Sorry about that…and it’s now fixed.

Thanks to those that caught these little niggles and let us know!

See ya next duty shift!


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