Game Design Continued…

While we’ve only shown Type 1 and Type 2 Ships to date, you’ve already seen that on the Type 2 ships it usually requires entering 2 hexes before a turn. ‘What about Type 3 or 4 Ships,’ I’m sure you’re thinking…’those have to be higher?’ And in general they are. How do you get around that?

Well, there’s two options. The first is a general Commander’s Rule that applies to any vessel. If a ship does not spend any MPs to enter a new hex during a turn (provided it has at least 1 undamaged Engine Slot), it can always spend its entire movement to change 1 or 2 hexsides; it can never change more than 2 hexsides in this fashion.

The second option is Steering Gear. I wanted an item which would occupy a slot to allow for cool movement options, but could also be destroyed, removing those options from play. A Steering Gear Slot brings two options to a ship’s movement:

1. It reduces the hexes needed to enter before a turn (regardless of how much they’re reduced, you still need to always enter a hex before a turn).

2. A ship with a Steering Gear Slot can sideslip into an adjacent row of hexes.

Not all ships are created equal of course and how Steering Gear Slots interact with a given ship or Ship Type can be fascinating in game play. Since Type 4 ships move first, are slow and yet can’t end the turn occupying a hex occupied by another ship, the sideslip can be incredibly useful in allowing the Armoured Cruisers and Battleships to still maneuver effectively around the board.

Meanwhile, you’ve got say the Light Cruiser Lave, which has Enter Hexes Before Turn 2 (as do most Light Cruisers). However, its Gun Batteries are light because it mounts dual Torpedo Slots in both the Port and Starboard Locations. So during a game its job is to stay at distance and simply flow back and forth behind the the main French formation, tossing out lines of torpedo fire to channel the enemy. To help make that a lot easier, it mounts two Steering Gear Slots in both side Locations, making it able to “turn on a dime”, so to speak, as it nears the edge of the board so it can maintain that distance, while flowing back across the head of the on coming enemy ships.

Since you might see some ships released in the near future mounting Steering Gear Slots, wanted to provide some context for where that equipment came from and some of its benefits during game play.

See ya next duty shift!


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