The Channel Campaign Concept

Months ago John Haward turned over a “The Channel Campaign” document, a companion to the Lieutenant’s Manual rules. I’m ashamed to admit it’s only recently that I’ve really been able┬áto dig into it…

It’s an interesting combination of “campaign rules”, but wedded to the specific concept of the British and French fleets brinkmanship across the channel. Even better, the concept (I believe) has the legs to be tweaked and used across a variety of theaters around the world; if I remember right John told me he’s already got a larger, more aggressive concept for an African campaign.

While the printed document is bleeding red all over the place…most of it is actually more format related, with the majority of his concepts very strong and I think very doable. Course it needs to really be banged on and playtested…then again perhaps I’ll whip it into form and shape, let Matt do a nice layout of it and I’ll toss it out for an open playtest.

After all, while it was very useful to have the community bang on the Point System, on something like The Channel Campaign, even beyond the balance of the game mechanics, it would be very useful to have the community let me know what type of information (and presented in what form) they’d like to have in these “campaigns” to enhance their game playing experiences. In otherwords, was it fun and if it wasn’t, what about it needs to be tweaked to make it fun.

Yeah…liking that concept more and more.

See ya next duty shift!


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