Back From Gen Con, Coalling Underway

Out of the gate, wanted to apologize. Been long, long weeks since an update and I didn’t get The Channel Campaign released before heading to Gen Con. You’d think after all these years I’d know that the month of July is simply vaporized under an onslaught of the endless things needed to get a company to Gen Con in a normal year…much less in a year that’s been anything but normal.

However, with Gen Con out of the way and a nice slice of emails and updates mostly behind me, I’ve got some bandwidth finally on my plate to start posting regular updates here again. And most importantly, Catalyst has some band width to start concentrating on figuring out the final production issues on Leviathans and figuring out when we might get it out the door.

One of the best parts of Gen Con is that while it’s soul-wrenchingly tired-making…it’s also incredibly energizing. Not only did we run Leviathans demos in the booth (as we did last year) but we expanded and ran them in the miniatures hall as well. And we ran so many demos on the first day, Thursday, that we ran out and printed more maps and counters so we could demo two and even three games simultaneously. (I also did several webcast interviews and talked about Leviathans…once those have been posted, I’ll track them down and link them here.)

That type of energy and excitement is infectious and I’m jonesing to jump back into the development of The Channel Campaign and get that released via PDF in the next few weeks, while also finalizing some of the last of the rules for the Captain’s Manual, as we keep hammering on the production side.

So while it may have appeared the skies were calm and no columns of smoke were to be had for long weeks, count that as a rest-up between missions…looking forwarding to rolling some Breach Rolls myself in the near future.

See ya next duty shift!


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