More Exposure for Leviathans

I was interviewed 8 or 10 times at Gen Con…but by far this was the best interview related to Leviathans.

Click here for the interview podcast.

Unlike most of the interviews that wanted to know everything that Catalyst is doing, is dedicated to miniatures play, so the first segment of the interview I cover BattleTech and then I was able to really delve into Leviathans. For those that have been following my blogs since the site launched there’s very little in here you won’t already know…but for those just coming on board it’s a great pitch for all we’re trying to do with Leviathans.

And of course having more such high profile gaming sites like this covering Leviathans is fantastic. Thanks to Adam for playing a demo and for the interview!

Also, wanted to quickly give a shout out, again, to Laura Perry, Ben Clark, Robert DeHoff and the rest of those that demoed Leviathans like crazy at this year’s Gen Con (if you’ve not yet seen it, check out the full Catalyst Gen Con wrap-up details here).

Finally, thought I’d share one of my favorite moments of the entire show. It was late Saturday as I happen to turn around after speaking with someone in the sales area and I caught Laura running a demo for 5 people, 3 of which were boys that were easily 13 years or younger.

It was an arresting moment that I stared at for long minutes…

With so much talk over the years of our hobby being outmoded and dying against the backdrop of the cutting edge electronic gaming going on, seeing 3 boys of that age thoroughly engaged for almost an hour was brilliant. A brief glimpse at the hope of what I’ve been saying for a while…figure out how to get cool games (whether board games, RPGs, miniatures, and so on) in front of kids, and they’ll get sucked in.

The fact that it was Leviathans, of course, just made it all that much cooler!

See ya next duty shift!


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