The Channel Campaign Update

So it’s almost here…currently in layout and I expect to see a proof of it very soon.

In the meantime, to wet your appetite’s, thought I’d post a small expert to show you the scope of what we’re trying to do with The Channel Campaign.



A scenario is a single engagement between forces; a single game played at the gaming table by a group of friends. James’ Fighting Leviathans: Excerpt From the 1910 Edition, Part Two PDF, starting on page 7, includes two scenarios that showcase this type of set game.

A campaign, as defined within this PDF, is a set of rules that allows players to interconnect multiple scenarios/games into a larger framework. This increases enjoyment of each individual game, as players must look beyond the current conflict and predict how their decisions might affect the larger war, while simultaneously immersing players deeper in the fictional universe.

The Channel Campaign is a combination of campaign rules and pre-determined forces that allows players to generate multiple games, while tracking the consequences of those games between British and French forces clashing across the thin strip of sea that separates these two world powers.

Scoring: Leviathans is a game of heroic characters clashing in epic conflicts for king and country. The scoring system for The Channel Campaign reflects this aesthetic. For example, a ship can decide to not engage an enemy ship if it finds itself on patrol in the same sector of the map…but that wouldn’t be very challenging, eh, chap?


The following PDFs are required to use The Channel Campaign: Lieutenant’s Manual and James’ Fighting Leviathans: Excerpt From the 1910 Edition.

While not required for play, the British and French Printable Fleets make a great addition to turn the simple two-fold ship counters from the PDFs above into three-dimensional “boxes” that show all sides of each vessel. Both Printable Fleets PDFs also include a blank counter for each ship Type, which may help to cut down on the confusion of using multiple ships with the same name (see British Force and French Force, below).


The campaign map is a representation of the English Channel that separates Britain and France. As shown, the map is divided into sectors, with the British and French each having a single Base Sector (representing their respective bases of operation, Portsmouth and Le Havre), as well as four additional sectors they patrol. All the action of The Channel Campaign, outside of a regular Leviathans game, takes place on this map. Players should print out and use the full-size campaign map.

Playing Maps: Neither the campaign map nor any of its sectors correspond to a Leviathans playing map. Instead, each sector is a generic representation of an aerial space over which both sides contend. When combat occurs within a sector, the players determine the number of maps to use, regardless of the sector involved.


See ya next duty shift!


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