Leviathans At SteamCon II

Steamcon:  A steampunk Convention;  Nov. 19-21st 2010

I’m really excited to be attending SteamCon II; I think I’ve always had a little bit of steampunk aesthetic in me for long years and Leviathans is simply letting me play around with that concept. Who knows, perhaps I’ll even come dressed in Lev digs.

A local show for me, SteamCon II is being held at the Seatac Marriott and Hilton hotels, November 19th-21st 2010. I’ll be running demos (along with Bryn) for long stretches every day.

In addition to “intro” demos, I may run a larger game that incorporates Type 3 and Type 4 Ships, along with some cool, new rules we’re working on to more finely tune the interactions between Type 1 and Type 2 Ships against Type 3 and Type 4 Ships.

If you’re planning on attending SteamCon II, please stop by the gaming area, chat me up and play a game of Leviathans. If you’d not yet planned on attending, but love Leviathans and might be in the Seattle area at the time, would love to see you across the sights of my gun batteries in the distance!

See ya next duty shift!


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