Game Development Continued…

So SteamCon II is right around the corner and I need to gather Leviathans material together. At the same time, we’re wrapping up another round of rules tweaking and so I’ve set aside most of this week to tackle a lot of Leviathans work…heck, I might even get some work into my pie-in-the-sky Leviathans RPG I’m slowly kicking around.

So after far too many emails this morning, I’m looking over various playtesting comments and have run into one of my ‘favorite’ situations: when two or three playtest groups that you trust (i.e. they’ve proven their worth over a lot of playtest cycles) are saying totally opposite things about a particular mechanic. If it was a little thing, no biggie…but when it cuts to one of the hearts of the game…ah, nothing but fun.

There are times, no matter how much math, and spread sheets and playtesting when you simply have to make a gut call based upon your years of doing the job…and hope you’re right. I’m sure almost any developer you can ask will have a few great stories of those ‘gut calls’ that they’ve made over the years…some end up just fine…others, well, not so good.

Luckily I’ve still got the time to keep playing this out, but I’ve a feeling I made need to simply make that gut call at the end of the day, and hope the eteroid still takes the juice and levitates.

See ya next duty shift!


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