Gamers Are The Bees Knees

There’s a lot of things I love about gaming and about the communities that arise around gaming. The pure joy and fun they have playing games…and the enthusiasm they often espouse when immersing themselves into their favorite alternate reality: I celebrate and embrace the same enjoyment.

When I see that meshed with a new game I’ve been apart of developing, makes it all the more enjoyable…been giggling with that same enthusiasm on and off for days since I received the following photos. I thought I’d share the enjoyment.

This is one of my playtesting groups (you’ll note some posters/banners in the background for other Catalyst games they play/playtest), in the midst of a Leviathans playtest.

Leviathans_British Crew 1.jpg

Leviathans_British Crew 2.jpg

Leviathans_French Crew.jpg

Leviathans_British-French Crew.jpg

A great German/Switzerland crew, I’d like to thank Direktor Andreijew, Nyx, Rim Pirate and Viper, both for their hard work banging on Leviathans (along with all of my great playtesters), and for their fun embracing of the period! Keep that stiff upper lip!

See ya next duty shift.


PS. Yes, I know Bees Knees is slang that’s a decade latter and from the wrong side of the pond…but it felt right…and hey, this is an alternate history after all (so please un-bunch knickers…)

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