SteamCon II Wrap-up

SteamCon II was this past weekend and Bryn and I demoed a lot of Leviathans (both the quick-start rules of the Lieutneant’s Manual, and some came back for a second game to be introduced to the Commander’s Manual rules as well). Had a wonderful time. The head of gaming, Donna, along with her husband (and her mother in the Green Room!) were a pleasure to work with, really friendly and enthusiastic.

The costumes, of course, were simply first rate! While my “British officer’s beard” is coming in well, I simply ran out of time to create any type of clothing accoutrements…needless to say I felt completely under dressed (one of those conventions where 9.5 out of 10 people are in costume). I plan on rectifying that by Gen Con next year, which means I’ll be set for SteamCon III.

Below is a selection of photos from the various demos we ran. Thanks so much to everyone that came by and tossed some dice to blow some electroid-lofted ships-of-the-line from the channel’s skies! I had a great time teaching you the game…hope you enjoyed playing it as much.








Ultimately I can’t say enough good things about the convention. Warm, friendly, fun, great people-watching: a young, hungry and explosively growing convention…love being apart of that vibe. If you’re in the area next year and steampunk is remotely your thing, absolutely give the show a look-see…and while you’re at it, come toss some dice as the Leviathans table…we’ll be at SteamCon III with our vests buttoned and goggles in place!

See ya next duty shift!


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