Universe Development Continued…

You know you’re having a fun time in a cool universe when one of your playtesters says:

“So why aren’t these nations going to war? If you shoot at a ship, why doesn’t a war happen?”

And then you already have several solid answers in mind…but one of those answers brings up another question:

“Huh, how much ‘air sovereignty’ existed in 1910 in the ‘real world'”?

Which then leads to questions like:

“Huh…when was ‘water sovereignty’ designated and how did that turn into international waters?”

Which turns into several discussions, including a good 30 minutes doing some web searches (the internet is an author’s best friend, period!), which then leads to fun factoids like the current ‘international waters,’ much less ‘air sovereignty’ really doesn’t have a lot of basis in real laws and treaties and really is just a bunch of gentlemen’s agreements between countries going back centuries.

Oh the fun Leviathans is going to have with “gentlemens’ agreements” regarding air sovereignty:

“Yeah, probably shouldn’t fire on that battleship…they might take it a little too personally…but that destroyer? It’s gonna leave the skies with its smoke-stack between it’s legs…oh, wait, the Duke of so and so’s second cousin is on that destroyer…yeah…okay, make it that other destroyer…”

See ya next duty shift.


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