Rebuilding Steam….

The last week or two has almost been Nirvana for Leviathans, as far as I’m concerned.

So many different aspects starting to move, from starting to resolve the final production issues, to generating some cool new product concepts, to figuring out what the faction “fleet colors” for the miniatures should be, to the initiation of the very last playtest before I lock all last details into place. (Course as anyone that has had to work in layout with me knows, until the book is absolutely on the presses and printing, I’m always trying to tweak and add “just one more cool thing!”)

Just finished folding in all the “almost” final proofing notes into the Commander’s Manual and handed that back to layout (I say “almost” because on a big box project like this, some final details may need to change based upon the final contents). The playtesters and proofers had some really good, nuanced suggestions to really polish the rules, while I got to add in some new rules option tweaks: Saturation Fire weapons (which roll 2 Slot Dice) now have an extra affect against Miss Slots, Crew Slots can now attempt to repair Slots outside of their Location (albeit at a higher Target Number), as well as an “emergency” three hex-sided turn that you’ve got to make a modified Breaking the Keel Roll to use.

Thursday I’ll be tackling folding in all of the final proofing comments on the Primer to get that back to Matt in layout, as well as generating a page or two of brand new text concerning “gunboat diplomacy.”

That’ll leave the Captain’s Manual to finalize, as far as the rulebooks are concerned. However, that I can only do so much with at this point without finalizing the box contents with the printer, so that’ll still be some wrangling there as price fights my desire to cram in that “just one more cool thing.”

Best of all this last week or two of fair weather and fine sailing, I’ve word that I should be getting test shots of the first Battleship miniature in February. Now no promises, of course…but that’s what I’ve heard, and if that’s the case, I’ll be splashing photos here quicker than the Pontbriand diving across the playing area.

So we’ve still got some big milestones to hit yet, but behind the scenes Leviathans has had a good few weeks and as the steam builds, you’ll see more and more of that smoke on the horizon.

See ya next duty shift!


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