What’s in a box…

I’ve mentioned this before, and if it feels too much like a broken phonograph, apologies. But since I’m neck deep in it, it’s what I’m thinking about, so it’s what I’m sharing.

I’ve done books of all size, shapes and types. Sure, there’s plenty still out there I’ve not tackled (come on Leviathans Pop-up childrens books!)…but on the whole, I’ve got a very good understanding of what it takes on the production end and what the costs will be for various changes.

I’ve even done box sets…after all the BattleTech 25th Anniversary Introductory Box Set is sitting on my desk and will be hitting store shelves soon. And that was some-what complex.

Yet the Leviathans box set is a whole other magnitude of complex. And what makes it the most difficult is because there’s so many components to the box I’ve never dealt with before, it means that while I’m trying hard to keep everything I want in the box…ultimately the prices of all the components will determine what stays and what, if any, may have to go.

I’ve finally gotten in every last price from the various manufacturers on all the components…now it’s time to build the final spec sheet and see if it’s going to work how I envision it. Or whether I may need to create additional products to convey everything I’ve built to the nascent community in the best possible manner. Won’t know for a another week or so as I bang on endless spreadsheets…then again, that I’m at a place where I have to potentially start making some hard calls is brilliant.

Speaking of new milestones, thought I’d share some more in progress CAD files.

HML Leviathan_British Type 4 Battleship_PreviewCAD.jpg

HML Leviathan, British Type 4 Battleship: CAD Preview

Jean Bart_French Type 4 Battleship_PreviewCAD.jpg

Jean Bart, French Type 4 Battleship: CAD Preview

See ya next duty shift!


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