Fun With White Samples…

“What are white samples?” you may ask.

When you’re building a complex box set with a variety of components, it’s very advisable to have the printer build you a white sample. Basically a hand-built set of all paper components that will appear in your box, at the correct paper weight, dimensions, and so on. In other words, exactly what someone will see when they open up a box…just without the ink applied…hence the “white” part.

As I’ve mentioned numerous times, the complexity of this box means white samples were crucial to really understand all the nuances of the components, which will ultimately allow us to decide what will make the cut; i.e. just because you see it here doesn’t mean it’ll make it to the final box, so no holding me to a photo…but I thought you’d enjoy seeing this all important step.

And best of all that it IS another big step forward towards seeing Leviathans on a store shelf!

Levithans Core Box Set_Proposed Paper Material White Samples.jpg

See ya next duty shift!


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