The Lave Liberté-class Light Cruiser revealed!

LAVE Ship Card.jpg

Can you feel the momentum building? Cause I can…which means getting back to the first 18 months of the site and multiple posts a week of cool stuff to review and revel in…already got some earlier posts this week, so let’s keep it going.

For today’s post, let’s reveal all the details for the Lave, Liberté-class Light Cruiser that’ll appear in the Core Box.

First you’ve got the Ship Card at right. It’s hard to run my brain back through hundreds of posts over the last two years, but pretty sure this is the first visual of a Ship Card with aerial torpedos. [For those that haven’t read the basics of what aerial torpedoes will do in the game, click here for that old post…took me a while to dig back and find that link….]

The Lave is not a ship that’s going to last very long on its own…but as part of a fleet its brilliant for flinging out two torpedoes every turn. You race it along the back side of the French zone of control, quick turn on a short wheel-base thanks to the two Steering Gear Slots and she’s set up next turn to lob two more down range…and so on.

If you go to this old post and look at the photos of the big game Bryn and I were playing, if you look in the far, right side, you’ll see a Type 2 (i.e. 3 hexes) ship that stays almost exactly on the same two hex-rows and just changes directions back and forth…that’s the Lave…and the British loath her…

Every Ship Card will have a corresponding 3 x 5 Recognition Card, the front with a full-color, crazy gorgeous illustration by the super talented Doug Chaffee, with the back sporting a write-up of the particular ship in question.

LAVE Recogntition Card_Front.jpg

LAVE Recogntition Card_Back.jpg

And of course they’ll be the miniatures. No…we don’t have the miniatures in hand just yet…I’ve promised for some time, now, that as soon as I have test shots in my hands, after I wipe off the drool, the very next thing I do is take photos and post them here.

But in the mean time, the CADs are starting to flow fast and furious for the designs…below are CADs for the Liberté-class Light Cruiser from several different angles.

Liberte-Class Light Cruiser_CAD 1.jpg

Liberte-Class Light Cruiser_CAD 2.jpg

Liberte-Class Light Cruiser_CAD 3.jpg

See ya next duty shift!


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