Production Mould Photos!

If you see me at a summer convention, in a corner, hugging a copy of Leviathans, a little misty-eyed…I hope you’ll forgive the sentimentality. But for those that have been following me all along this journey, there’s a lot of heart and soul in this game and not sure I’ll be able to hold it all in when it’s finally released…”stiff upper lip-monster beard”, not-withstanding.

So, as we reach new, very important milestones, I can vacillate between giddy (some might say slightly hysterical laughter), and emotion-charged introspection.

Got in some photos, and as promised, I’m sharing them as fast as I can (took about a week, because I had to be sure the manufacturer had no concerns with me publicly posting these photos).

Below are the core and cavity production moulds for one of the ships. And as I previously mentioned, I’m suppose to be seeing photos of the fully assembled first test shots real soon…when I have them, you’ll have them!

Leviathans_Cavity Production Mold.jpg

Leviathans_Core Production Mold.jpg

See ya next duty shift!


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