HML Leviathan Test Shot Miniature photos

I didn’t think it was possible, but my head just exploded with even more crazy excitement…the details on the ship almost made me a little misty eyed (see my previous post about apologies over that issue).

Please remember this is the very first test shot, was put together very quickly, and quick photos snapped (hence some of the lines in the bow/stern are more pronounced than they’ll be in the final)…and of course it doesn’t have any of the light paint we’ll be applying.

Nevertheless…so freaking cool!!!

HML Leviathans_Bow photo.jpeg

HML Leviathans_Starboard photo.jpeg

HML Leviathans_Stern photo.jpeg

HML Leviathans_top-down photo.jpeg

Some are being couriered right now to me…as soon as I have them I’ll snap some more photos, especially with some material to provide size context….but in the mean time…another fantastic milestone reached…enjoy!

See ya next duty shift!


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