Running Leviathans at Games & Gizmos, Redmond (WA)

While I’m able to attend a few conventions a year (such as Norwescon just a week and a half ago…not to mention the big summer conventions), I’ve realized that I’ve gone far too long without the “gaming at a store” experience.

To rectify that situation, I’m starting to run a monthly Leviathans game at Games & Gizmos in Redmond, WA.

I’ll be running a game every second Friday of the month from 6PM till 10…ish. The first of these will be the 13th of May (if you forget the date or time, just check out the G&G calendar). While the full game isn’t yet available, of course, I’ve got some cool demo material and we can have some serious stiff-upper-lip-and-all-that fun.

This first evening will be a combination of Shakedown Cruise (the Lieutenant’s Manual QSR) and King of the Skies (the Commander’s Manual) games, teaching those new to Leviathans how to play the basic game, or moving those that have played the QSR up to the full rules.

Whether I continue with these one off-style games, move to big games (i.e. 16+ ships on the playing area at a time), or start a campaign (such as The Channel Campaign) will completely depend upon how many people plan on turning out each month, as well as what those attending want to see. I’m open to making this as cool and fun as possible.

Heck…maybe I’ll even have some more miniatures test shots in hand by then to show off (no guarantees, though!).

For those local and able to attend, hope to see you there (you don’t need to bring anything, just show up!)…for those not local, I’ll be taking photos and sharing with the rest of you.

See ya next duty shift!


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