, Leviathans and New Art!

The guys at are fantastic and we’ve been enjoying a good back and forth concerning the coming of Leviathans.

I decided to give them a very cool exclusive. Some of you may remember a blog post a few weeks back where I discussed a cover sketch I’d received from Doug Chaffee and all the thought process that went into its commission/creation.

I’ve had the final in for a short time, wondering when I’d released it…and I decided the guys would really do a great job of slamming it out into the gaming community.

Check out their article here, where they were also kind enough to post an updated Leviathans Introduction PDF, along with the community contest we’re running to win a free miniature before the game releases…and of course that freakishly awesome cover for the British Fleet Box and French Fleet Box. (The art will eventually make its way to, but they get the exclusive for a while….)

Thanks Andy, Lloyd, Warren and the rest of the team at!

See ya next duty shift!


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