After Action Report: Running Leviathans at Games & Gizmos

As I previously noted, I leapt into the action of running an in-store game again last Friday, the 13th (been a long, long time).

The store was filled with almost 50 people playing a variety of games, which is always great to see (even 5 guys playing BattleTech!).

Several people showed up to play some Leviathans.

Games & Gizmos_May13th_Photo1.jpg

In the foreground Rachel and Nick came out from Seattle right after work to give the quick-start rules a try, while in the background Bryn dragged out two of his friends to play as well.

Games & Gizmos_May13th_Photo2.jpg

Right after the quick-start game, Rachel and Nick were up for jumping into a full Commander’s Manual game. In very short order I was simply standing back, watching them play most of the game themselves, which is one of the single best experiences when teaching someone new how to play a game.

I’d like to thank those that stopped by and talked with me…and of course Nick and Rachel for playing over 3 hours of Leviathans!

Hope to see more people in a month’s time, June 10th!

See ya next duty shift!


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