Photos of Test Shot of Paris-class French Battleship

As usual, when I get something this cool in, I share it as quickly as I can.

Below you’ll find photos of the test shot of the Paris-class French Battleship. As before, please note this is a test shot and the photos are directly from the factory (so I’ve no control over the lighting and so forth). What’s more, you’ll quickly notice that the main batteries don’t have their gun barrels attached just yet…but the rest of the details are so awesome I didn’t want to wait to get new photos, but instead wanted to share immediately.

Once I get sprues in hand, I’ll take some more detailed photos, like I did for the HML Leviathan, and post those as well.

In the mean time…enjoy!

Paris-class French Battleship_Photo4.jpg

Paris-class French Battleship_Photo2.jpg

Paris-class French Battleship_Photo1.jpg

Paris-class French Battleship_Photo3.jpg

Paris-class French Battleship_Photo5.jpg

Don’t forget the contest to win a free miniature…submissions end this Friday, the 20th!!!!

See ya next duty shift!


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