The Win A Miniature Before Leviathans Release Content Submission Deadline Is Now June 6th

Thanks to all the great, new coverage provided by a host of gaming/steampunk sites, there’s been a lot of new people joining the forums. With that in mind I ran a quick poll on the forums to see if people were okay with keeping the original submission date for our Win A Miniature contest, or moving it (thanks to all those that voted!).

With the community’s votes I’ve moved the submission deadline to June 6th.

As a cool incentive, here’s another photo straight from the factory of a test-shot miniature to wet your appetite’s for joining the competition: the County-class British Light Cruiser (with Doug’s fantastic illustration below it for comparison).

County-class British Destroyer Photo.jpgBritish County-class Type 2 Light Cruiser_Preview.jpg

If you’ve not already posted a submission to the forums, hope you do!

See ya next duty shift.


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