The Game Tray…continued…

A while back I posted about my desire to see a Leviathans box tray that lived up to all the other contents of the Core Box Set and how I hand-built one to ensure I got exactly what I wanted with the manufacturer (check out that blog here). As always this has been a huge learning experience of what you can and can’t do and how best to interact with the manufacturer to achieve your goals.

Well I receive the white sample from the company and man it was cool to see my hand-built job turned into something so clean.

Leviathans Insert Tray_White Sample_Photo1.jpg

Now for those paying close attention, you’ll notice some differences right away. One, the two thin slots for Ship Cards and Recognition Cards are perfectly vertical, meaning that the cards in them are actually above the plane of the box bottom…put the lid on and it’ll get smashed. The photo below shows the other huge problem.

Leviathans Insert Tray_White Sample_Photo3.jpg

The manufacturer immediately took my comments into account and re-built a white sample of the tray.

Leviathans Insert Tray_White SampleRevised_Photo1.jpg

Leviathans Insert Tray_White SampleRevised_Photo2.jpg

You can see there’s now section that allows for both maps to be held in place in a way where the box top can actually fit on, and that the two thins slots are angled.

Course this also brought something to light that I simply wouldn’t have had the knowledge yet to appropriately take into consideration: if you look at the top left of the bottom photo above, where the thin spar seperating the two cavities meets with the wall, it’s a little torn up. The thinness of that connection simply isn’t structurally sound. So we had to take a few millimeters out of the large miniatures cavity to ensure the spars would be strong enough to hold up to shipping and repeat use. Which of course means having to tweak slightly how the ships will be packaged so it’ll all fit in the now slightly smaller miniatures cavity.

A few years from now, once all the pain has healed and we’re ready to tackle a new, cool, big box game…gonna be so much less painful…

See ya next duty shift!


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