Test Shots of 6 Miniatures In Core Box Set!

As usual, I received the box this morning and as quickly as I could un-pack it, sort it appropriately, take photos and transfer them to the computer for a blog post, I’m getting a photo up.

Below are test shots, still on the sprue, for the 6 miniatures that will be found in the Core Box Set. As soon as I’m done with this post I’ll be building one of each to verify any last details that may need to change and then I’m signing off on them so they’re ready to begin full production!!!

Leviathans_Test Shots on sprue of Core Box Set 6 ships.jpg

As previously noted, the Core Box Set miniatures will be fully assembled and lightly pre-painted; I’m just showing you the process of getting from here to there. (We’re looking at the possibility of providing these miniatures to the community in this form outside of the Core Box Set, but still haven’t made a decision one way or another.)

See ya next duty shift!


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