Leviathans: Convention Fun With Big Ships

As if there wasn’t enough reasons to be excited about this convention season, I get to do something I’ve not been involved with in a very long time…create some new, cool eye candy for the Catalyst Game Labs booth to go along with the game.

With Leviathans closer and closer to launching, we’re making a big push of games played for both Origins and Gen Con. What’s more, we’re creating eye candy to draw people to the booth to check the game out. A few months back we contacted Behrle Hubbuch to build us two large-scale ship models to drag people into playing a demo whether they wish it or not…”can’t…resist…awesome…models!”

Below is Doug’s brilliant full-color illustration for the Grenouille-class French Destroyer, along with J. Lonnee’s orthographic based on Doug’s work.

French Grenoille-class Type 1 Destroyer_Preview.jpg

French Grenouille-class Type 1 Destroyer_ForPreview.jpg

Here’s a photo of a test shot miniature (un-painted, without a base)…

Grenouille-class French Destroyer Test Shot Photo.jpg

And here’s a work in progress for the ship Behrle’s constructing (it’s roughly two feet long).

French Destroyer.jpg

French Destroyer 016-1.jpg

French Destroyer 017-1.jpg

When I’ve got photos of it painted and weathered, I’ll provide those…thought it may need to wait until after Origins…just have to wait and see…and just wait until I get in the photos of the 4-foot long Leviathan-class British battleship…

See ya next duty shift…


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