Commander’s Manual: Captain’s Manual Excerpt

So as you know from the recently posted FAQ, for various reasons we had to cut the Captain’s Manual from the Core Box Set, creating a new product in the process, the Captain’s Box; despite having to make this hard decision, I’m very excited with what we’ve got planned for that future product.

However, I wasn’t about to leave the Core Box Set without some of the cool “enhanced rules” we worked so hard on for that Captain’s Manual. As such, I added a third scenario into the Commander’s Manual (it previously only had 2), and then expanded the booklet some to include a “Captain’s Manual Excerpt.

Now the hard part, of course, is of the literally dozens of enhanced rules, which would be the best to include in the Core Box Set. Some of the rules were simply too large and/or too over-the-top to include in an excerpt, which helped to narrow the field some…yet ultimately it was surprisingly hard to make the final picks as there were so many cool options too choose from.

In the end I felt a good sprinkling of various types of rules would serve a dual purpose: provide some real, solid fun rules players can use to expand the games from the Core Box Set, while also ensuring that a player has a good grasp of the shear depth of cool that’ll be in the Captain’s Box once it’s released.

So with that in mind, here’s the short list of the rules found in the Captain’s Manual Excerpt in the Commander’s Manual of the Core Box Set:

Initiative (Expanded)
Stacking (Expanded)
Crew Skill Ratings
Critical Gun Battery Failure
Minimum Range

See ya next duty shift!


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