Leviathans: Convention Fun With Big Ships Continued…

So as promised, here’s some more photos of the work as it continues on our two large-scale models that we’ll incorporate into the Catalyst Game Labs booth layout this convention season, starting with the Origins Game Fair.

In the previous blog I showcased the Grenouille-class French Destroyer, but this time around it’s the Leviathan-class British Battleship that’s arising out of the ship yard…

As previously, here’s Doug’s fantastic work, along with the amazing orthographics by J. Lonnee.

British Class 4 Battleship_Preview.jpg

British Leviathan-class Type 4 Battleship_ForPreview.jpg

Here’s a new photo of the most recent test shot miniature (un-painted, without a base) I have…

British Leviathan-class battleship_Test Shot_Photo 1.jpg

And finally, the rise of the Leviathan! I particularly love the last photo as it shows both the French destroyer with most of its paint applied, but also displays the scale involved (the battleship is roughly four feet long)!

British Leviathan-class battleship_Photo 1.jpg

British Leviathan-class battleship_Photo 2.jpg

British Leviathan-class battleship_Photo 3.jpg

As always, as soon as I’ve got more photos to show….

See ya next duty shift.


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