Win A Miniature Before Leviathans Release Contest Winners Announced!

I’m pleased and extremely excited to announce the winners from the first ever Leviathans contest.

We had some great entries…I absolutely love seeing the enthusiasm and excitement for this universe and game.


The winning submission comes from pancakeonions:

The crew of Le Ténéré pose before the diminutive but proud scout ship

Despite the most current in optical technologies available to the French AirNavy, the British airships rumored to be in the area remained invisible to us. Only just jeudis, the Touareg nomads moving south through the area had reported to our petit outpost a large massing of British airships well out of their colonial airspace. Since our posting in Zinder, some six months previously, several rumors of a massing attack fleet had come and gone, with no credible evidence to follow. The Zinder colonial authority was a trou perdu with nary two score officers, aircrew and gentlemen, but was seen as an important outpost – indeed, the only outpost between northern Africa and the coast of West Africa. As such, we were still lucky to have Le Ténéré, the lilliputian mais plucky scout vessle assigned here for just this job: report on the movement of enemy airnavies, and report to the French colonial authority tres vite. And just this morning before liftoff a cable arrived detailing the possible movements and vessle markings that corroborated admirably with the native intelligence.

To our dismay and increasing frustration, the british air navy was nowhere to be found

Alors! What’s that on the horizon? Zut alors, but it seems we may have made contact. Take us down, mes freres! Full speed, return to headquarters! Attends! What’s that you see? They’ve released the air torpedoes? Le Mot de Cambronne! Make haste, stoke the boilers and get us home, hommes!

Edit to add this post script: This airship was the result of a year’s worth of hard work in anticipation of a certain desert art and music festival in the US of some notoriety. Our art car, which we dubbed “the perambulator” (english for “Le Ténéré”, bien sur) provided an excellent mode of transportation, and many of the festival attendees were simply amazed as we kept the skies above their heads safe for festival activities. For this great public service alone, we submit this thread to make our case for additional airship reinforcements, should we need backup in the event of a future incursion.


The winning submission comes from Toolian:

A Leviathans YouTube video.


The winning submission comes from Cpt. Tobias Yonge:

A USAF Leviathan Intelligence Briefing.

As promised, these details have been posted to the Community page (in the coming weeks I’ll post up some more of the entries submitted for the contest to that page).

I’ll be contacting the winners after I return from the Origins Game Fair to ensure they get their miniatures.

Thanks to all those that participated and voted! I look forward to the next contest we run!

See ya next duty shift!


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