Leviathans Off To The Printers!!!!!

It’s been a long, long haul, crewmen. But the sea trials are over and celebrations are being organized (wonder if we can get a miniature bottle of champaign somewhere?)…literally right now I’m signing off of final proofs of various material and it’s all being uploaded to the printer (80% percent is already up and the rest will be signed off on and uploaded by end of the day).

To celebrate this wonderfully momentous occasion, thought I’d share a video I took at the 2011 Origins Game Fair last weekend of a Leviathans diorama that Robert DeHoff put together (he had about a week to pull it off and he did a brilliant job of it!).

So, what does all of this mean to those who’ve patiently been waiting for the Core Box Set to land on local retailer’s shelves? It means the clock is actually ticking in count down mode. It’s transitioned from “sometime soon” to “it’s now at the printer”…which begins the inexorable march to release.

Now we do NOT actually have a Street Date yet. We do not provide that until the product is sitting in our warehouse. The closest we can provide at this point is “late summer/early fall.”

Of course I know the next question…will it be on sale at Gen Con? We are doing everything in our power to have it on sale at Gen Con. However, because of how close it is, we literally won’t know it’s going to be there until we arrive at Gen Con and I run up and hug glorious piles and piles of Leviathans boxes.

In the mean time I’ll be writing up a more thorough report on the Origins Game Fair, along with some additional photos, to post in the next week or so. And of course I’ll still be blogging every few days with more stuff, including a very cool rules tweak we decided on at Origins, photos of the printer proofs once they’re in hand, photos of the final miniatures and their flight bases, and more.

It’s been a long, hard road to reach this point…but I’m exceedingly glad of the company I’ve had along the way and the explosively growing interest and community…not too long now until we watch those keels lift off their dry docks and launch into skies of action across hundreds of gaming tables round the world!

See ya next duty shift!


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