Leviathans: Origins Fun With Big Ships

As I mentioned in previous blogs, we had a 2-foot long Grenouille-class French Destroyer built for this year’s convention season. While the HML Leviathan didn’t make it (just too much work and too little time), the destroyer made a fantastic splash (huh…wonder how you could turn that phrase on its ear to be appropriate here…).

Anyways, while a few photos have posted, thought I’d provide a video showcasing the model in all its glory.

If you’re on your toes you’ll notice some little details missing from the model, such as the railing. Behrle Hubbuch is hard at work finishing up the HML Leviathans to display at Gen Con (when I have more in-progress photos, I’ll share), and he’ll also be upping the detail level on the destroyer.

See ya next duty shift!


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