Printer Proofs As Far As The Eye Can See

Yesterday, at the crack of work, FedEx (I’m on very good terms with the nice woman by now) was dropping off a very large box, filled with more printer proofs at one time than I’ve ever seen. It was a glorious, glorious moment I’ve been waiting for (as have so many of you) for a long, long, long (okay, just one more…long) time.

Let’s dive into some photos I took of my proofing process.

Leviathans_Printer Proofs_1.jpg

Leviathans_Printer Proofs_4.jpg

Before you freak out too much at “oh my gosh, final boxes!!!!”, if you take a close look you’ll see they’re well faded and have some wrinkles in the facing; not to mention if you look past the maps, you’ll see just folded material underneath. The rigid box and maps are hand-built, with standard ink jet printed paper, just to test and make sure placement for all the graphics are correct.

Leviathans_Printer Proofs_2.jpg

Leviathans_Printer Proofs_3.jpg

Here’s the printer proofs for the top and box rigid box for the Core Box Set, bright and vibrant as it’ll be on the final box.

Leviathans_Printer Proofs_5.jpg

All the booklets that’ll appear in the box, along with the very cool sheet of stickers…my head the destroyer crests are tiny!

Leviathans_Printer Proofs_6.jpg

Leviathans_Printer Proofs_7.jpg

Here’s the front and back for all the Ship Cards, Recognition Cards, the Reference Sheet and the two die-cut sheets of torpedo and screening tokens.

Leviathans_Printer Proofs_8.jpg

This is actually the template for my interior tray I’ve talked so much about…cool orthographic printed directly on it before it’s all folded into the various cavities that make up the tray.

Leviathans_Printer Proofs_9.jpg

Leviathans_Printer Proofs_10.jpg

And those wonderful graphics Matt put together for the game boards.

Another huge step closer, guys and gals…now if I’d just get in the final miniatures samples, with bases!!!!

See ya next duty shift!


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