Leviathans’ Gen Con Experience: Part 3

As I mentioned in the first blog about Leviathans at Gen Con, the in-booth demos were just…well…one of the most insane experiences I’ve seen for almost any in-booth demos since my first years at FASA fifteen years ago.

The proverbial “a picture is worth a thousand words” applies very well in this case…so let’s jump in.


Here I’m setting up the in-booth demo table for the opening of the show Thursday morning…was so amazing to be putting final bases on final ships, with final Ship Cards, to play some games.


Sky Admiral DeHoff views the awaiting battlefield, anxious for crewmen to arrive and leap into the action.




The doors opened at 10AM and every day the instant velcro effect occurred…the second photo was taken less than a minute after the doors opened…the last photo when a slight easing of the crowd actually showed the table for a moment.

Several people helped to run the in-booth demos, which I’m very grateful for, but I have to give a shout out to Amanda Andrus, whose a brand new agent and yet ran endless hours of demos, often almost a dozen people playing at once (not to mention other on-lookers hovering over shoulders)…Shipshape and Bristol Fashion, Amanda.

Finally, thanks to all those that braved the three-deep crowds to try their hand at the game on our brilliant Geek Chic table (keep trying to figure if it’ll fit into my office….)

See ya next duty shift!


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