Leviathans’ Gen Con Experience: Part 4

I know you’ll likely laugh at the obviousness of it all…but walking into a massive hall dedicated to nothing but endless tables and games…nirvana to a geek’s soul.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Exhibit Hall as well…17 years I’ve been going and every year it’s great to see whose doing what, what cool things are being shown off and so on. For example, this year Mayfair had a very large banner presence throughout the convention center, and there were more steampunk costume booths then you could shake your goggles at (which I’m just fine with, of course).

But there’s something about hundreds of tables that at a peak will have thousands of gamers of all stripes playing a hundred different games from miniatures to boardgames to card games and more…just creates a high of energy I’m still riding (which is good, because if you didn’t leave Gen Con with that energy we’d all likely fall into comas for a few weeks).

Here’s several photos of all the Leviathans action going on in the Miniatures Hall.

First we’ve got two shots of rows of the Shakedown Cruise (which is the Lieutenant’s Manual Quick-Start Rules).


Next we’ve got some photos of the King of the Skies games. These games are ever flowing and player’s can jump in and then jump out at any time; if a player wants to continue when their ship dies, they get a bigger ship and so on. It’s a great, fun way to really show off the full Commander’s Manual rules in a style that passes a lot of players through a game and ensure the best possible chance they’ll have an enjoyable time.



As I mentioned previously, it was so crazy with the number of people wanting to play that the Miniatures Hall crew had to quickly open up a second King of the Skies game.


And of course one of my favorite Leviathans photos…battleships as far as the eye can see captain!!!!!


I’ve already thanked all of the Miniatures Hall volunteers, but want to give a special shout out to Robert DeHoff and Amanda Mitro here (Rob’s in the admiral’s uniform in the previous blog post, while Amanda’s in the photo above at the second King of the Skies game). Thanks for taking the brunt of so much excitement and running with it to keep that many player’s in seats enjoying the game!

See ya next duty shift!


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