Fun With Dice

As promised, now that I’ve got final dice in hand, sharing photos (because as we all know, “photos or it didn’t happen”).

So as reported in my public catharsis blog, the custom D12 Leviathans dice were one of the issues that blew up production before Gen Con. During that week before the convention, however, we still thought we’d get a good chunk of Core Box Sets to sell there, just minus the dice. As such we contacted our good friends at Iron Wind Metals that produced several thousand dice in just days, which you can see in the first photo.

The colors weren’t exactly right and of course the un-colored numbers made them hard to read…but it was a miracle to have the dice at Gen Con and ultimately we put them to superb use with all the great games we ran…thanks to Mike Noe and his whole team for making that happen!

Leviathans Dice_IWMVersions.jpg

A week or so ago I finally received un-polished dice, but in the final colors. You’ll notice a splotch of white on the 3 facing on the red die, a half-crescent of white on the 1 face of the black die (where the post is at during moulding), as well as the dullness of the colors. Initially that had me worried, but these were done very quickly to be signed off on so they could proceed to the final dice.

Leviathans Dice_FinalVersions_Unpolished.jpg

Just as holding final miniatures, or holding the final box at Gen Con, to hold the final dice was another huge milestone.

Leviathans Dice_FinalVersions_Polished.jpg

It’s not that the quality of the final product is lacking…it’s wonderful…the lamentation on my part (and on all of your parts as you continue to wait to hold it all in your hands), did it really have to be so painful to reach this point?


But we have reached this point and we continue to resolve the last of the production issues to fully move this product forward. I hope to have news that final printing is wrapping up in the near future, which of course I’ll shout to the electronic rafters.

See ya next duty shift!


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