German Ship Cards…A First Look

So just got in the first layout sample of the German Ship Cards from Matt and I’m immediately sharing.

Below is the SMS Weisbaden…a German Light Cruiser.

SMS Weisbaden_Preview.jpg

Right out of the gate, no, that’s not the correct ship art…for those paying attention that’s the British D-class…the German art is a ways away, but I wanted nice Ship Cards for playtesting.

Second, you’ll note that all the gun batteries use CM; that’s what was used by the Germans at that time. From a blog post ages ago, I mentioned that I’d generated a mega spreadsheet where I’d taken all the real world gun sizes and wedded them with the game mechanics.

In that spreadsheet, the British use “IN”, the French, Italians and Russians “mm”, the Germans, Japanese and Austro-Hungarians use “cm” and the wacky Americans use both “pdr” for the smallest guns and then “IN”.

Now I’m pretty sure some of those gun battery Slots need Bracketing Fire icons on them (will need to check the spreadsheet…I may have not provided the details correctly to Matt).

Finally, you’ll note a new type of Crew Slot…the ship mounts two Screening Crew Slots, which provide some additional cool rules for what can be done with Bracketing Fire…provided it survives playtesting, of course.

See ya next duty shift!


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