Playtesting German Ship Cards: German vs. British

As mentioned in previous blog posts (here and here), I’m currently developing/playtesting the German faction. Specifically the 6 German Ship Cards that’ll appear in the faction box set.

I’ve got the usual large playtesting apparatus banging on them and Bryan and I took them for a jaunt over the weekend…a pile of fun.

These photos are when the game was two turns from the end; three ships already down and the rest fairly damaged.


This first photo is from Bryn’s German side.


The second photo provides a little closer look at the German Ship Cards.


The final photo is from my British side, where you can see a piece of paper with a pile of scribbles of clarifications needed on the new Bracketing Crew Slot rules we were playing with.

We’re starting up another game this week, but this time we’ll put all 6 British Ship Cards in the Core Box Set against the full 6 German Ship Cards from their faction box on a four x four mapboards to see how that plays. While there are absolutely some nips and tucks that I can see needed already, on the whole I’m already loving the feel of the Germans in game play.

If people are interested in photos of that playtest as well, just let me know!

See ya next duty shift!


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