SteamCon III Wrap-Up

I love conventions; I love teaching people how to play games; I love the gaming community and the great, fun people I meet every time I attend somewhere; I love the steampunk aesthetic…combine all of those into one, and I really love SteamCon.

SteamCon III just happened over the weekend and as usual it was a blast. While there’s some growing pains here and there, I loved how the gaming area was almost triple the size of last year, with more and varied games being run.

Below are a few quick photos I managed to snap while running dozens of people through Leviathans, while talking to dozens more about the universe and game.




Thanks to all the new people that stopped by and gave the game a try and let me blather on; thanks to those that played last year and enthusiastically returned to check it out this year; thanks to Ross and Kevin and the others running the gaming area: always a great time and I’m already looking forward to SteamCon IV (though I really need to be in an outfit next year, I think).

See ya next duty shift!


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